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Students who are benefiting from MGL Math
"MGL helped me a lot not only in math, but also in the academics. I was taught the mathematical principles very clearly and I learned the habits of hard working and studying through MGL"
Andrew Lee
Grade 11 Math, Brebeuf High School
"I managed to pull off something that a lot of people thought was outrageous: learn the whole calculus AB course in less than a MONTH. I ended up getting a perfect score of 5 on that AP exam, and still wonder to this day how I would have done without the help of MGL Math"
Paul Cho
Grade 12 Math, High School
"If it wasn't for MGL I wouldn't have made engineering program for sure! I miss the time I studied at MGL so much and I hope a lot of people realize how helpful the MGL Math program is!!"
Dae Young Kim
Grade 11 Math, High School
"I wasn't the best at math until I came to MGL when I was grade 10. MGL has helped me improve my weak points and still helped me work on my strengths. Ever since I started MGL, my marks skyrocketed. MGL helped me to think harder about questions in stead of just giving up right away. In my opinion MGL is not only a great place to learn math, but to improve as an overall student"
Andrew Park
Grade 10 Math, St. Robert Catholic
"I think that if I hadn't come to MGL in Grade 9, I wouldn't be persuing math as a career. You made it very fun for me!"
Aaron Lee
Grade 9 Math, High School