9.8 Enrichment Questions 8
10 Math Workbook
Chapter 9
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The shape is to be divided into six congruent parts by cutting along the grid lines. What shapes can the congruent parts have?

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Tia, Jane, Fran, and Marta are friends who meet every Friday for lunch. Their occupations are teacher, lawyer, carpenter, and police officer. Each woman has a pet—a dog, a cat, a parrot, or a turtle. Copy and complete the table. Use the clues to match the woman with her occupation and the pet she owns.

  • Tia owns the turtle.
  • Fran and the carpenter play baseball.
  • The dog owner and the teacher do not play baseball.
  • Tia is not the teacher or the police officer.
  • Marta sat across from the parrot owner and the dog owner at lunch.
  • The lawyer does not play baseball.
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Naomi is in Paris, France, on business. She needs to arrange a conference call with two colleagues. One is at head office in Vancouver. The other is in Sydney, Australia. For what time of day, Paris time, should Naomi arrange the call? Explain.

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Five friends—three women and two men—met at a school reunion. The men were Smith and Wong. The women were Bevan, Lee, and Kostash.The1r' occupations were biologist, farmer, accountant, writer, and baker. Each one lived in a different city: London, England; Vancouver; Paris, France; Toronto; and Melbourne, Australia. Use the information to determine the occupation and city of residence for each person.

  • Mr. Smith is not the baker.
  • The five friends are Ms. Bevan,Mr. Wong, the woman who lives in Paris, the man who lives in Vancouver, and the biologist who lives in Melbourne.
  • The accountant and Ms. Lee live outside Canada but not in Melbourne.
  • Ms. Bevan does not live in London and is not the woman writer.
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a) What is the projected increase in the number of children aged 5 to 14 in Canada from the year 2021 to the year 2041?

b) Estimate the number of new schools needed to accommodate the increase.

c) Estimate the number of additional teachers needed.

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