15. Q15b
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<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'> \displaystyle 12m^2 + 13mn + 3n^2 </code></p>
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<p>Factor. </p><p><code class='latex inline'>6x^2+11xy+3y^2</code></p>
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<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>8r^2+22rs+15s^2</code></p>
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Learning Path
L1 Quick Intro to Factoring Trinomial with Leading a
L2 Introduction to Factoring ax^2+bx+c
L3 Factoring ax^2+bx+c, ex1
Now You Try
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>9p^2+15pq-14q^2</code></p>
<p>Factor by grouping.</p><p><code class='latex inline'> \displaystyle 15m^2 - 22mn + 66mn^2 </code></p>
<p>Factor. </p><p><code class='latex inline'>5a^2-7ab-6b^2</code></p>
<p>Factor. </p><p><code class='latex inline'>\displaystyle 4 x^{2}-8 x y-5 y^{2} </code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'> \displaystyle 24x^2 + 6xy - 9y^2 </code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'> \displaystyle 5c^2 - 4cd+ 9d^2 </code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>2x^2+9xy+4y^2</code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>\displaystyle 6 m^{2}+m n-2 n^{2} </code></p>
<p>Factor fully.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>\displaystyle 10x^2 -7xy - 6y^2 </code></p>
<p>Factor each, if possible.</p> <ul> <li><code class='latex inline'>3x^2 - 7 xy + xy^2 </code></li> </ul>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>\displaystyle 10 a^{2}-3 a b-b^{2} </code></p>
<p>Factor each expression.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>5a^2-17ab+6b^2</code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'> \displaystyle 8a^2-2ab -21b^2 </code></p>
<p>Factor fully.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>\displaystyle 5 x^{2}-20 x y+20 y^{2} </code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'> \displaystyle 12m^2 + 13mn + 3n^2 </code></p>
<p>Factor. </p><p><code class='latex inline'>\displaystyle 5 r^{2}-11 r s+2 s^{2} </code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>6m^2+13mn+2n^2</code></p>
<p>Factor. </p><p><code class='latex inline'>8x^2-14xy+3y^2</code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>6d^2+de-2e^2</code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>6a^2-11ab+3b^2</code></p>
<p>Factor, if possible.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>7a^2-13ab-6b^2</code></p>
<p>Factor fully, if possible.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>25x^2+70xy+14y^2</code></p>
<p>Factor each, if possible.</p> <ul> <li><code class='latex inline'>6x^2 + xy - 2y^2 </code></li> </ul>
<p>Factor fully.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>\displaystyle 3k^2 + 12km -36 m^2 </code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>8r^2+22rs+15s^2</code></p>
<p>Factor. </p><p><code class='latex inline'>12a^2+52a-40</code></p>
<p>Factor, if possible.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>6x^2+5xy-25y^2</code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'> \displaystyle 8x^2 + 2xy - 15y^2 </code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>\displaystyle 3 x^{2}+7 x y+2 y^{2} </code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>9x^2-9xy-4y^2</code></p>
<p>Factor. </p><p><code class='latex inline'>6x^2+11xy+3y^2</code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'> \displaystyle 2w^2 - 9wx - 8x^2 </code></p>
<p>Factor each, if possible.</p> <ul> <li><code class='latex inline'>6a^2 + 14ab - 12b^2 </code></li> </ul>
<p>Factor, if possible.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>\displaystyle 2 x^{2}+11 x y+5 y^{2} </code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>3x^2+7xy+2y^2</code></p>
<p>Factor each expression.</p><p> <code class='latex inline'>-12s^2-sr+35r^2</code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>6g^2+7gh-20h^2</code></p>
<p>Factor fully, if possible.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>26w^2-8wz+9z^2</code></p>
<p>Factor.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>12c^2-11cd-15d^2</code></p>
<p>Factor, if possible.</p><p><code class='latex inline'>\displaystyle 4 p^{2}-3 p q-7 q^{2} </code></p>
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