Chapter 7 and 8 Cumulative Review
Chapter 8
Chapter 7 and 8 Cumulative Review
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Lucas is designing a flower garden in the shape of an isosceles right triangle. He has created a scale diagram. The lengths of the perpendicular sides in the scale diagram are 7 cm, and the hypotenuse of the real garden will be 3 m long. What is the area of the real garden?

A. 450 m^2

B. 2.25 m^2

C. 1033 m^2

D. 4.5 m^2

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Leoislookingdown, from the roof of a building, at a dump truck that is parked on the road. The angle of depression to the front of the truck is 58°, and the building is 37 m tall. What is the distance between the base of the building and the front of the truck?

A. 41 m

B. 23 m

C. 59 m

D. 27 m

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Steph is 117 cm tall, and her eyes are 106 cm off the ground. She is using her new binoculars to look at a bird that is perched in a tree.

The angle of elevation is 28°, and Stephanie is 25.0 m from the base of the tree. What is the height of the bird in the tree?

A. 13.3 m

B. 12.8 m

C. 23.1 m

D. 14.4 m

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Greg and Kristen are on opposite ends of a zip line that crosses a gorge. Greg went across the gorge first, and he is now on a ledge that is 15 m above the bottom of the gorge. Kristen is at the top of a cliff that is 72 m above the bottom of the gorge. Jon is on the ground at the bottom of the gorge, below the zip line. He sees Kristen at a 65° angle of elevation and Greg at a 35° angle of elevation. What is the width of the gorge, to the nearest metre?

A. 165 m

B. 152 m

C. 55 m

D. 106 m

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In \triangle ABC, \angle A = 56^o, \angle B = 64^o, and c = 6.0 cm. What is the length of side a?

A. 5.7 cm

B. 6.3 cm

C. 0.5 cm

D. 0.96 cm

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An isosceles triangle has sides that measure 4 cm, 10 cm, and 10 cm. What is the area of the triangle?

A. 38 cm^2

B. 10 cm^2

C. 25 cm^2

D. 20 cm^2

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A cyclist travels 4.50 km directly south, and then turns and travels 6.80 km in the direction N60°W. What distance, and in what direction, will the cyclist need to travel to get back to her starting point?

A. 5.00 km, N59.5°E

B. 6.00 km, N79.5°E

C. 5.00 km, N49.5°E

D. 4.00 km, N29.5°E

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