Problem Bank
6 Math Nelson
Chapter 1
Problem Bank
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Robinhood is selling cookies. She sells one box for $2.50. For each additional box, up to 10 for the same customer, she can give a $0.10 discount on all the boxes. So one box costs $2.50. Two boxes cost $2.40 each (2 X $2.40) or $4.80.

a) Determine the cost of one to five boxes for the same customer.

b) Determine the total amount you would pay if you were to

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Samantha is cooking soy sausage links for breakfast. He reads the directions: microwave two links for 1.5 min, four links for 2.5 min, and six links for 3.5 min.

a) Determine how long Samantha should cook one link.

b) Determine how long Samantha should cook 10 links.

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Clara is a fitness instructor in a gym. She is paid $50 each day, plus $10 for each fitness class she teaches.

a) Determine the amount of money Clara earns when she teaches from one to five classes in one day.

b) Determine the amount of money Clara would earn if she were to teach eight classes in one day

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A store sells boxed sets of a TV show on DVD. Each boxed set has six DVDs. The number of boxed sets the store sells is a variable.

a) Write an expression describing the sales of DVDs using b to represent the number of boxes sold.

b) Determine the number of DVDs sold for each value of b.

i. 25

ii. 36

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Noel collects $8 from each customer on his paper route.

a) Determine the amount of money he collects from one to

b) Graph the amount of money he collects compared to the number of customers he collects from.

c) Determine how much money he collects from 30 customers using your graph.

d) Noel buys his papers from a newspaper company for $200. From how many customers does Noah have to collect before he makes a profit?

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In 2004, Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France bicycle race for the 6th time. He bicycled 3395 km at a speed of about 40 km each hour.

a) Determine the distances Armstrong would ride from one to four hours.

b) Determine the distance Armstrong would ride in 8 h.

c) One stage of the race was about 240 km. About how long would it take Armstrong to bicycle this distance at his normal speed?

d) What factors might affect a cyclist’s speed? Does it make sense to use the average speed to predict times for different stages of a race? Is it a good mathematical model for the race?

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Each term in this pattern is created by adding the two terms before it: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, . What is the 20th term?

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On Rasa's 8th birthday his grandmother put $100 in a new bank account for him. She added $25 to the account 4 times a year and the bank added $2.50 per month. Determine how much money Rasa will have on his 12th birthday.

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Bicycle helmets are labelled on the top and the front of every box. If there are five rows of four boxes, with each new row stacked on top of the other row, how many labels are showing?

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Penelope is buying sports socks for the seven boys and eight girls on her team. The socks come in packages of three pairs. She writes this equation to describe the situation.

\displaystyle 3 \times \square=7+8

a) Explain what each expression in his equation represents.

b) Determine how many packages of socks Penelope should buy. Show your work.

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Lynn had a papaya, a kiwi, and a mango. She put them on the scale two at a time. She measured the mass of each pair of fruits as 140 g, 180 g, and 200 9. What was the mass of each fruit?

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