Ch.12 Problem Bank
6 Math Nelson
Chapter 12
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Joseph is \dfrac{2}{3} of a year older than Lisa. Lisa is \dfrac{1}{4} of a year older than Mark. If Mark is 10 \dfrac{1}{2}, how old is Lisa?

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The ratio of the length of one side of a shape to its perimeter is 1 : 3. Could the shape be a triangle? a square? a rectangle? Explain your thinking.

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What are two ratios equivalent to 1 million : 1 billion?

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A recipe for fruit punch calls for a juice to soda water ratio of 3 : 2. The ratio of fruit juices is 1 : 3 : 2 for grape to apple to raspberry. If Diana starts with 4 L of raspberry juice, how many litres of grape juice, apple juice, and soda water should she add?

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Eight of the 20 players forming two indoor soccer teams are experienced. Once the teams are formed, team A has 60% experienced players.

a) What is the ratio of experienced to inexperienced players on team A? Show your work.

b) What is the percent of inexperienced players on team B? Show your work.

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Lilian took $64.00 spending money on a trip. At the end of the first day she had 75% of the money left. Calculate the amount of money she had spent.

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Ian can type 48 words each minute. About how long would it take him to type this page of the text? Explain how you calculated.

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