6.8 Integers Backwards
7 Math Nelson
Chapter 6
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Try Meagan's trick using other numbers. Is there a quick way to find the original number? Explain how it works.

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Use Meagan’s trick. Write the steps, in order, to find the original number.

  • Subtract 7.
  • Add -9.
  • Find the opposite.
  • Subtract from 12.
  • The answer is +10.
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Find the original number. State the steps, in order. that you will use.

  • Add -31.
  • Subtract -9.
  • Add 18.
  • Subtract from 12.
  • The answer is - 12.
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Make up a number trick that gives you the original number if you subtract 3 from the result. Your trick must have at least 4 steps.

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Make up a number trick that always ends with the original number. Your trick must have at least three steps. One step must involve using an opposite.

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Lloyd is lifting weights over a nine week training period. Every week. he lifts 2 kg more than he lifted the previous week. During the ninth week, he lifts 80 kg. How much was he lifting during his first week?

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On Monday, Heidi bought some grapes. Each day, she ate half of them. On Friday, only eight grapes were left. How many grapes did Heidi buy?

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During a clothing sale, the price goes down by half each day an item is not sold. If an item costs $2.50 after 8 days, what was the original price?

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Romona takes a shape and cuts away half of it five times. The following triangle is what remains.

a) Draw the original shape.

b) Draw a polygon that is symmetric. With a single line, divide it into two identical pieces.

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Make up a problem you can solve by working backwards. Show how to solve it.

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Consider the following diagram. Find a way to move the discs from the first post. as shown, to the third post.

  • The discs on the third post must increase in size from top to bottom.
  • You cannot place a larger disc on top of a smaller disc.
  • You can use all three posts.
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