Chapter Review
8 Math Nelson
Chapter 11
Chapter Review
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Solutions 11 Videos

Calculate the surface area of this cylinder.

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Calculate the volume of the cylinder in question 1.

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Mohammed is choosing a bass drum to buy for this band. The "Bashmaster" is 71.1 cm in diameter and 35.6 cm high. The "Crash" is 91.5 cm in diameter and 66.0 cm high. The "Boomalot" is 81.3 cm in diameter and 45.7 high.

a) Which drum has the greatest surface area? Justify your answer.

b) Which drum has the greatest volume in cubic centimetres? Justify your answer.

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A glass in the shape of a cylinder is 10.0 cm high and has a diameter of 3.5 cm. How many millilitres of juice will the glass hold if it is filled to the top?

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What might be the dimensions of a cylindrical container that holds 750 ml of juice?

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Sketch a shape made up of a cylinder and a triangular prism that has a total volume between 100 cm^3 and 200 cm3.

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Why is it impossible to have a Platonic solid in which six or more equilateral triangles meet at each vertex?

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Show that Euler's formula works for a pentagonal prism.

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A polyhedron has 9 edges and 6 vertices.

a) Calculate then number of faces.

b) Sketch the polyhedron.

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A polyhedron has 6 faces and 6 vertices. Calculate the number of edges.

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A polyhedron has 8 faces and 12 edges. Calculate the number of vertices.

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