Chapter Review
8 Math Nelson
Chapter 12
Chapter Review
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a) Create a tree diagram to show all the possible outcomes for one spin of the spinner and one toss of the coin.

b) Calculate each theoretical probability.

i) P(7 and h)

ii) P(odd and T)

iii) P(neither 5 nor 6, and H)

iv) P(3 or 4, and T)

v) P(2, and H or T)

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Suppose that you choose one card and spin the spinner once. Calculate each theoretical probability below.

a) P(greater than 7, and C)

b) P(not greater than 7, and C)

c) P(not an ace, and A or B)

d) P(an ace, and B or C)

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Both Rick and Dominique spun this spinner 8 times, for a total of 36 spins. Choose the fraction that matches each probability.

a) the theoretical probability of spinning an odd number

b) the theoretical probability of spinning purple

c) an unexpected experimental probability of spinning blue

d) an experimental probability of spinning an even number

Calculate the following theoretical probabilities for a family with four children.

a) P(two girls and two boys)

b) P(not two girls and two boys)

c) P(the youngest and oldest are boys)

d) P(at least two girls)

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Asif, Sean, Bill, Francis, and Andrew are running against each other in a 100 m race. They all have an equal change of winning.

a) Show the possible orders for the first three runners crossing the finish line.

b) What is the probability of Andrew being one of the first three runners to cross the finish line? Assume that there will not be a tie.

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Suppose that you have dimes, nickels, and pennies.

a) What is the greatest number of coins you could use to pay for an item that costs 45 cents?

b) In how many ways could you pay for the item using fewer pennies than nickels?

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Which model would you use to answer each probability question below?

a) Each question on a multiple-choice quiz has four choices. What is the probability that you will get at least six answers right if you choose your answer randomly?

b) Sanjay, Rita, and Kieran are equally skilled at a trivia game. What is the probability that a "best of seven series" will end in four games?

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