Chapter Review
8 Math Nelson
Chapter 3
Chapter Review
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When analyzing a survey, would you be more confident in the results from a census or a sample? Explain why.

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The distances, in kilometres, that employees of one company drive to work each day are listed below.

a) Organize the distances in a frequency table. Explain your choice of intervals.

b) Display the data in a histogram.

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Organize the following data in a stem—and—leaf plot.

a) Use your stem-and-leaf plot to determine the median and the mode.

b) Calculate the mean of the data

c) Remove the greatest and least values, and determine the mean, median, and mode. Which measure is affected the most? Explain why.

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This database shows the lunchtime beverage choices of the Grade 7 and 8 students in one school.

a) Which grade has a greater percent of students who prefer juice?

b) Which three beverages should be offered at lunch? Present your opinion in a letter to the principal. Include a graph to make your argument convincing.

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