Sequences and Patterns Chapter Review
8 Math Nelson
Chapter 4
Sequences and Patterns Chapter Review
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A student council is planning a penny drive for charity. To promote interest in the event, the students have designed a series of posters. Each poster uses pennies to form a figure in the following pattern:

a) Which part of the pattern changes and which part stays the same in each figure?

b) Describe the relationship between the term number and the term value in the pattern.

c) Determine an algebraic pattern rule.

d) How many pennies are needed for the 12th poster in the pattern?

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a) Use a table of values to determine a pattern rule for the sequence 5, 7, 9, 11, ...

b) Write an algebraic expression for the nth term of the sequence.

c) Calculate the 70th term in the sequence.

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How many counters would you need to make the 50th term in this sequence?

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A right angle is formed by two rays extending from a common point. Seven more rays are then drawn inside the right angle. What is the total number of angles, of all sizes, that are formed by the rays?

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a) Use the data in the three tables of values to draw three scatter plots on the same pair of axes. Use a different colour for each scatter plot.

b) Determine the missing values in each table of values.

c) Write an algebraic expression for each pattern rule.

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