Linear Relation Practice Test
Chapter 5
Linear Relation Practice Test
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Which of the following is an example of a partial variation?

A. M = 9N

B. p = e^q

C. k = 9h -7

D. y = 4x^2

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The distance travelled by a car in a given time varies directly with its speed. A car travelled 150 km in 1.5 h. What is the constant of variation?

A. 100

B. 0.01

C. 15

D. 375

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What is the slope of this roof?

A. 3

B. 12

C. 0.75

D. 0.5

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Which statement is false?

A. The slope of a linear relation also represents a constant rate of change.

B. Slope can be calculated as rise .

C. Non-linear relations have constant first differences.

D. In the equation y = mx + b, the slope is represented by m.

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The cost of gasoline varies directly with the volume purchased. 50 L of gasoline costs $43.50. Which of the following relates the cost, C, and the volume of gasoline, G?

A. C = 0.87G + 43.50

B. C = 1.15G

C. C=1.15G+50

D. C = 0.87G

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a) Calculate the slope.

b) Determine the vertical intercept.

c) Write an equation for the relation.

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The time between seeing a lightning flash and hearing the thunder it creates varies directly with how far away the lightning is. The thunder from a lightning flash 685 m away was heard after 2.0 s.

a) Determine an equation relating the time before hearing the thunder and the distance from the lightning flash.

b) Graph this relationship.

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When water freezes, its volume increases, as shown in the table

Without graphing, determine whether the relation is linear or non-linear. Justify your answer.

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The price charged to repair a computer is $60, plus $50/h.

a) Write an equation representing this relationship.

b) What is the total cost of a repair that takes 3.5 h?

c) How would the equation change if the hourly cost changed to $45?

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This graph shows the cost of producing 1000 copies of a school yearbook as it relates to the number of pages in the yearbook.

a) Calculate the rate of change. How does it relate to the graph?

b) Write an equation for this relationship.

c) Describe how the equation and graph would change if the base cost changed to $9000.

d) Producing 2000 copies of the yearbook would increase the cost per page by 8%, with no change in the base cost. Determine the equation for the cost of producing 2000 copies of this yearbook as it relates to the number of pages.

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