Ch7-8 Cumulative Review of Geometry
Chapter 8
Ch7-8 Cumulative Review of Geometry
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If you cut two vertices off a triangle, what is the maximum amount of the sum of the interior angles of the resulting shape will increase by?

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Which statement is not always true?

A. The midsegments of a rhombus form a rectangle.

B. The midsegments of a square Form a square,

C. The midsegments of a parallelogram form a parallelogram.

D. The midsegments of a rectangle form a rectangel.

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Determine the length of the red line segment.

A. 60 cm

B. 35 cm

C. 30 cm

D. 16 cm

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The police seal off accident scenes with yellow tape. Determine the dimensions of the maximum a rectangular area that can be surrounded with 300 m of tape.

A. 100m by 50m

B. 150m by 2m

C. 75m by 75m

D. 125m by 25m

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A stop sign shaped like a regular octagon is 120 cm from side to side and each side is 50 cm long. Estimate the area of the sign.

A. 24 000 cm^2

B. 12 000 cm^2

C. 6000 cm^2

D. 3000 cm^2

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Determine the radius of a sphere with a volume of 117.00 cm^3.

A. 3.03 cm

B. 1.02 cm

C. 6.04 cm

D. 58.50 cm

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