Practice Test for Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Practice Test for Chapter 6
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The graph shows histograms of men's and women's heights in centimetres on the same set of axes.

If the data sets were combined, the distribution of heights would have

A. no measures of central tendency

B. two modes

C. only one set of measures of central tendency

D. none of the above

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Final marks in Maria’s Data Management course are based on 70% for term work, 15% for the exam, and 15% for the final course project. What term mark did Maria receive if her final mark was 87 and she received 84 on the exam and 95 on her final project?

A. 87%

B. 83%

C. 85%

D. 86%

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Find Q3 for the following masses of students in kilograms:

70, 74, 78, 80, 81, 84, 90, 92, 94

A. 90

B. 87

C. 91

D. 92

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What measure of central tendency is most appropriate to announce the most used bridge, on a daily basis, in Canada?

A. mean

B. mode

C. median

D. weighted mean

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A set of nine different masses of pet cats are arranged in numerical order. The fifth mass is then increased by one. Which measure of spread for the data set could this change?

A. the range

B. the standard deviation

C. the interquartile range

D. all of the above

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If you are given the data listed below and are asked to use the interquartile range, could you successfully determine which baseball player's home run season totals are more consistent? Explain why or why not.

Ron: 20, 21, 23, 25,18, 19

Joshua: 20, 20, 23, 24, 19, 22

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Explain why sampling bias is not a major concern for the national census conducted by Statistics Canada.

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The mean daily temperature during January was -12.1 ^oC, with a standard deviation of 5.6 °C. Use z-scores to indicate which of the following daily mean temperatures is closest to the monthly mean.

a) -17.4^oC

b) -3.6^oC

c) 0^oC

d) -6.4^oC

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The graph illustrates price fluctuations for three types of fruit. Each bar shows the mean price, with plus and minus one standard deviation superimposed. State the mean and interpret the standard deviation for each type of fruit.

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For a data management project, Ryan sent a survey to the teachers in his school, asking them how many years they have taught. Thirty teachers responded. Here are their responses:

3, 12, 2, 2,18,27,19, 0, 14,15, 3,17,12, 37, 25, 17, 22, 1,5, 5, 18, 13, 18, 6,1,10,10, 4, 9, 28

a) Calculate the mean, interquartile range, and standard deviation.

b) Organize the data into a frequency distribution with five intervals.

c) Estimate the mean, interquartile range, and standard deviation using the frequency distribution in part b). How do they compare to the true values?

d) Illustrate all the calculations on appropriate graphs.

e) What percentile rank is associated with 10 years of teaching?

f) How many years of teaching are represented by the 90th percentile?

g) Determine whether there are outliers. Identify any that are present.

h) Analyze the validity of Ryan’s sampling method.

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